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Mashindi Medical Missions a a multi-faceted project that will be able to help lift the Zaka Community from various angles. As we look to primarily cement ourselves in ministry and health, we have been developing a project that will allow us to reach the community and different community demographics.

The spreading of Christ’s Message and Gospel using healthcare and church planting to proclaim the good news of the kingdom & heal diseases and illness in the Southeastern Zimbabwe community is our true desire. Our ministry is diverse, ranging from church planting to educational efforts. We currently sponsor our community members in their efforts to attend Bible College and return to serve our community in spreading the gospel. We have sponsored over 15 pastors in our region, with more being trained to spread the Gospel in the Zaka Region. As we deliver quality healthcare, we look to service the community by bringing spiritual care to God’s people.

As it stands, Mashindi Medical Missions has established over 35 churches including the following

Dabwa Church of Christ | Tapudzai Church of Christ | Machiva Church of Christ | Svuure Church of Christ | Mazhira Church of Christ | Jerera Church of Christ | Chiromo Church of Christ | Zibwowa Church of Christ | Panganai Church of Christ | Gogo Church of Christ | Nerupiri Church of Christ | Mutimwi Church of Christ | Chinorumba Church of Christ | Ndanda Church of Christ

Matthew 28:18

A Look at Missions Zaka, Zimbabwe

We always believe that God has some work for us to do somewhere all the time.

The great commission pushes us through and gives us the commitent we want to achieve great work for God. In August 2021 a team of men and women travelled to Zaka, Zimbabwe to do this work.

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