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Hospital Ministry

❖25 Outpatient Beds & 45 Inpatient Care.

❖ In-House Pharmacy , Medicines & Vaccines.

❖ General Outpatient Clinic & General Inpatient Care.

❖ Nurse Training & Health Education.

Pastoral Ministry

❖ Over 15 pastors sponsored for pastoral education

❖ Over 35 churches planted in the Zaka Region

❖ Over 10 Successful Regional Church Conferences Held

❖ Thousands of Baptisms & Lives Given to Christ

Community Initiatives

❖ Renovated Two Primary Schools & Two Local Clinics.

❖ Over 50 local school children sent to school with fees, groceries and after school programming.

❖ Local Job Opportunities granted to local women.

❖ Over 5 Community Engagement Conferences held.

Why partner with us?

Medical Evangelism

The Spreading of Christ’s Message and Gospel using healthcare and the planting of Churches to proclaim the good news of the kingdom, and heal diseases and sickness among the people.

Mashindi Medical Missions a a multi-faceted project that will be able to help lift the Zaka Community from various angles. As we look to primarily cement ourselves in ministry and health, we have been developing project Read More...

Church Planting and Support

The spreading of Christ’s Message and Gospel using healthcare and church planting to proclaim the good news of the kingdom & heal diseases and illness in the Southeastern Zimbabwe community is our true desire. Our ministry is diverse, ranging from church planting to educational efforts. We currently sponsor our community members in their efforts to attend Bible College and return to serve our community in spreading the gospel. We have sponsored over Read More...

Community In Action

Renovated Two Primary Schools & Two Local Clinics.Over 50 local school children sent to school with fees, groceries and after school programming.Local Job Opportunities granted to local women.Over 5 Community Engagement Conferences held See More...

Help Us Help Them get a tangible change in HealthCare, Education and the Good News of Christ.

Mashindi Medical Missions (501(c)(3)) is a non-profit organization based in the United States, with the heart and vision to serve the people of rural Southern Zimbabwe. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Rudo & Sadock Mashindi, Mashindi Medical Missions has looked to serve the people of the Zaka District using Medical Evangelism. As Christ looked bring spiritual and physical healing to those who believed in him, we look to carry the message of Christ as we continue to erect churches and health facilities in the area. As we look to the future, we pray our work is blessed in every step, and those we seek to serve are blessed in the process.
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Our Testament To God's Work

Mashindi medical Missions

Our Mission

Mashindi Medical Missions strives to bring medical evangelism to the people of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Using Ministry, Medicine and Sustainable Development, Mashindi Medical Missions looks to bring quality healthcare & holistic healing to those seeking our help. Mashindi Medical Missions provides innovative, accessible, and compassionate solutions to strengthen the community and its members. As the first hospital of its kind, Mashindi Medical Missions will set the pace and the tone for healthcare, ministry, and sustainable development in Southern Africa. One Health | One God | One Mission

Striving For Best Healthcare

Mashindi medical Missions

Our Vision

Mashindi Mission Hospital is a Christian organisation which seeks to exemplify Christ in all aspects of what we do. We have a vision to provide compassionate and affordable health care services centred on quality and Christ mindedness.

Lets Build Together

Mashindi medical Missions

Our Values


We at Mashindi Medical Mission look to provide excellent and quality care, looking to bring the qualified & caring staff ready to meet your needs.


Mashindi Medical Missions is open to all persons of all backgrounds, creeds, races, and beliefs. From the city to the rural areas, we are a haven for those needing our assistance.


Our staff look to bring God’s love to every patient and person encounter. With mercy, love, and compassion at the forefront of our work, we are an organization who put our community first.


Our work is not for personal gain, but to further the works and the gospel of the Kingdom. From medicine, ministry and sustainable development, our mission is a constant reminder of the people we do it for.


With medicine & science at the forefront of our mission, we look to bring qualified scientists, nurses, public health professionals and healthcare professionals to come and create data-based solutions to health issues in our community. Using creativity and innovation, medicine can fuel the revitalization of the local and regional community.


With a warm smile and hospitality at our doorstep, we make our visitor and patients feel welcome. By meeting needs and hearing the concerns of our visitors, we look to always put our community and patients first.


With reliable and efficient healthcare service readily available, our patients and community can be sure to find the right resources for their healing. From medicine to food to community resources, we will always be a place that you can depend on.


Our work is historical and is led by the will and desire of the God we worship. May we be an example to those looking to Christ and the Father, and to those seeking to learn about the gospel.

Friends of Mashindi Medical Hospital

Mashindi medical Missions

Statement Of Faith

We believe the Bible is authored and inspired by God, the only infallible, authoritative word of God. We believe that there is only one God, eternally existent, in three persons: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and the furthering of the Father’s Will until his return.

We Believe In God