Community Initiatives

One God| One Health|One Mission

Health Care

❖Mobile Clinics.

❖Medicines & Vaccines.

❖ Nurse Training & Health Education.

Job Creation

❖ Empowering women

❖Opportunities for youths

❖ Hospital staff.

Spiritual Guidance

❖ Pastoral approach.

❖ Church Planting.


Community Initiatives

We have had the priviledge to work with the community on various levels. This has seen us working together with the community to renovated Two Primary Schools & Two Local Clinics. Painting and refurbishments we done with the help of our partners and the community.

We also are in the process of facilitating funding for over 50 local school children. We assist by paying school fees, as well as groceries and after school programming.

Our work in the community has seen an opening for Local Job Opportunities granted to local women.

Over 5 Community Engagement Conferences held. This allows us to assess the impact of our help and also to understand better the needs of the community.

Matthew 28:18

The Journey To The Hospital : August 2021

We always believe that God has some work for us to do somewhere all the time.

The great commission pushes us through and gives us the commitent we want to achieve great work for God. In August 2021 a team of men and women travelled to Zaka, Zimbabwe to do this work.

The Hospital Visit